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We are trained in the “secrets” of contemporary Airlines, the structure, operation, business planning, marketing, revenue and in the authorized professional training of future Airline personnel members in general.


We are trained in the “secrets” of contemporary cargo transport and of standard or DG goods transport from a given point A to a point B. Additionally, we are trained in the “secrets” of cost, loading as well as delivery to the Airport Cargo Terminals.


We are trained in the “secrets” of contemporary operation of a Touristic Association (Travel Agency, Car Rental Company, Hotels etc.), all being branches of our touristic force and requiring specialized training according to global competition.


The new Distance Learning Training Method allows candidates to be trained from where they live or work WITHOUT having to get to training centers in big cities (Athens or Thessaloniki). Candidates from neighbor and other countries are highly interested in this widely spread training method. E-learning training branches: Aviation- Cargo- Travel and Tourism.


We are trained in the “secrets” of contemporary Airports and Aircraft Ground Service. Key subject matters such as Operation, Ramp Service, Management Operation and Passengers Service are always taught in alignment with the global prescription regarding Airport Regulations which are in effect around the world.


Learn how to make and manage bookings for flights, hotels and car rental system Amadeus - Sabre, using unique simulation program our confirmation. Balance Amadeus - Sabre is one of the most widely used systems GDS (Global Distribution System) reservations to travel industry and is an indispensable tool for all professionals involved with the Air-Tourism Industry. This smart course will show you how to use the system Amadeus or Sabre system for common scenarios reservation and teach you basic transactions that will help you stand out in the competitive tourism industry.


In order to achieve specialization and pluralism as far as training programs are concerned, on 2011 IATA has launched cooperation with the Management School of Harvard Business Publishing. Candidates who will chose one of IATA’ s programs would be able to attend and get their Leadership& Management Training Program Diploma within an 8 month period. Upon registration for the IATA- HARVARD program you can access 44 management modules. 10 units, required to get the diploma, are chosen and taught by Airline Training Center and in cooperation with fully trained professors, authorized by IATA and HARVARD.

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(precondition for Flying Airline Cabin Crew). Get the IATA AIRLINE CABIN CREW Diploma, enrich your CV and claim a position in every Airline worldwide
(precondition for operating Travel Agencies or working at Airports). Get the IATA- Foundation Diploma and work at or found Travel Agencies, work at Aircraft Ground Services (Handling Agent- Olympic Handling, Goldair Handling, Swissport etc.) or at the ground department of any Airline at Airports.
(precondition for running Travel Agencies as IATA Cargo Agent). Get the IATA/FIATA Introductory Diploma, required for: air- cargo personnel, Airline personnel working at CARGO, sales and reservation departments, transportation companies’ personnel who issue bills and importation and exportation documents.

Only 60 days preparation through the new Airline Training Centre e-learning program… to get the IATA Diplomas!

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